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UP10TION Takes Over Los Angeles for ‘Candyland’ Meet & Live Tour

The talented and sweet boys of UP10TION took over the City of Angels, Los Angeles, and transformed it into “Candyland” for their beloved fans!


Their excited fans, known as Honey10s, began lining up for the concert hours before showtime, eager to secure a great spot in the audience. VVIP and VIP members also had the opportunity to attend the exciting pre-show events, including the fansign event and group photo sessions.

Fans were allowed into the venue starting from 7PM and hyped themselves up to UP10TION‘s tracks before the official kickoff of the concert at 8PM.

The energy in the audience turned up as soon as the lights dimmed and a VCR began to play on the screen. The VCR introduced the group’s 1st U.S. Meet & Live Tour, “Candyland,” as well as the members. Fans cheered their hearts out for all of the members, their anticipation building as they waited for the boys to come out on stage.


They performed songs such as “Going Crazy” before stopping to introduce themselves to the audience. They then showcased more of their hits, like “Candyland,” then stopped to initiate their Q&A session, reading and answering questions from sticky notes.

The boys later played a speed quiz game which involved the members acting out terms that are associated with Los Angeles and having the fans guess what the words were.

Leader Jinhoo extended the microphone to a member of the audience to answer the quiz question before moving on.


Lots of laughter from the fans and UP10TION members alike ensued as the members hilariously acted out terms like “Hollywood,” “Santa Monica,” “In N Out,” “Disneyland,” and “Griffith Observatory.”

The fans were getting excited trying to figure out the answers, so Wei smiled and told everyone to calm down.

The members then disappeared backstage, and the screen began playing a VCR depicting them working hard in the practice room. The boys shared their feelings about their U.S. tour, Wei stating he is going to “study English very hard” while Gyujin and Xiao mentioned they were practicing their singing for the show.


When the VCR concluded, the members came out for more stages, including one of Wei, Jinhoo, Bitto, and Kuhn, who used the mic stands.

UP10TION then regrouped and performed their hot debut song, “So, Dangerous,” which had the fans cheering passionately. They then began the pump up the energy, coming out to record themselves on stage as well as the audience and encouraging everyone to jump with them.

Kuhn enthusiastically hyped the audience up by saying, “When I say ‘White,’ you say ‘Night,” the interaction leading into the performance of one of their hits, “White Night.”


The concert concluded with an encore stage after the fans chanted their name. Honey10s then lined up for their Pick-a-Pose snapshot opportunities, which was an exclusive and rare perk offered for their tour. The fans had the chance to snap photos with the boys and have unforgettable interactions with them in a casual setting.

Overall, UP10TION and Honey10s worked together to create an absolutely memorable and fantastic night.

Shout out to Studio PAV and T.O.P Media for bringing fans this unique opportunity to meet and see UP10TION live and for letting us cover the show!

Did you have a ticket to “Candyland”? If so, share your favorite memories with us, and check out our photos from the event below!




2 thoughts on “UP10TION Takes Over Los Angeles for ‘Candyland’ Meet & Live Tour”

  1. I was there! This was by far one of the best energy concerts I have been to. Although the boys were tired they definitely gave it their all for every song. It was hot and dark and crowded but they didnt let up their enthusiasm and kept their performance to perfection.

    To be honest the fan signing was a blur, it went so fast and so did the group picture. Those snapshots though I will carry with me forever.


    1. I completely agree that it was definitely one of the best concerts I’ve been to as well. You could definitely feel the energy from the boys, not to mention the atmosphere felt comfortable with the fans! So happy to hear that you had a great time!


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