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DAY6 Returns With A Bang In New ‘Shoot Me’ MV

JYP Entertainment‘s band DAY6 makes a comeback with their explosive music video ‘Shoot Me’ and new mini album, Shoot Me: Youth pt. 1.

The music video starts out with a dark scene backed by a reggae vibe, but quickly escalates into the band’s pop-rock sound complete with compelling synths and well-placed accidentals. The track takes multiple dramatic turns, continuously slowing down for a mysterious tone and rising back up for a powerful chorus. The song reaches a climax as the passion exerted in the bridge fully immerses listeners into the plot of the song, hooking them deeper into the pain expressed in the lyrics, “Each bullet lodged in my heart, it hurts really bad, it hurts so bad.”

This single was composed by Jae, Sungjin, Wonpil and Young K in collaboration with Hong Jisang and “collapsedone.” The lyrics, much like the rest of the tracks in their new mini album, were written by Young K.

Watch the music video for ‘Shoot Me’ below:


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