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SHINee’s Back: The Story of Light EP 3

On June 25, 2018, K-pop legends, SHINee, released the third part of their new comeback, The Story of Light. The featured track from EP 3 is called “Our Page”. With lines that translate to things such as “I miss you.” and the chorus translating to “The pretty words you left behind, it becomes a poem and becomes a song. Where your voice is flying, we know you will reach it. If the stars disappear, it will all be forgotten. I hold you in my arms. Page of this unfinished novel. I’ll fill it together until the end.” This is very obviously a song dedicated to late SHINee member, Kim Jonghyun. This beautiful song was also accompanied by a beautiful music video. The music video depicts how they have been handling things since the tragic passing of Jonghyun. While at the end the group is shown going up a flight of stairs to a set of microphone stands, one for each member of the group. At the end, the camera pulls away and shows one empty stand in the middle.

I know all Shawols, including myself, are extremely proud of SHINee. The strength to come back so shortly after their entire world was changed forever. We can’t wait to see what else SHINee has in store for us!

You can watch SHINee’s new music video here:


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