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MONSTA X Get Down to the Bone with MONSTA X-RAY Season 3

Monbebes, get ready, because our favorite variety show is making a comeback!

MONSTA X have been releasing trailers and teasers for the third season of their beloved variety show, MONSTA X-RAY. After almost a year since season 2, Monbebes can finally look forward to seeing the seven members goof off on camera once more.

In collaboration with Starship Entertainment and JTBC2, MONSTA X show off their playful personalities and lively charisma on this weekly show, making a drastic change of face from their dark, powerful concept. From their parodies of popular dramas to traveling back in time to the Joseon Dynasty, MONSTA X have really done the most to entertain their fans. With the success of their first and second seasons, Monbebes can anticipate even more fun and crazy antics with the upcoming third.

The teasers include clips of the first episode, featuring obscure costumes, strange dance moves, and previews of entertaining challenges that won’t fail to get Monbebes crying with laughter. Of course, we can’t forget those iconic green outfits that we all missed so much!

MONSTA X-RAY Season 3 will broadcast live on MONSTA X’s V Live channel and JTBC2on June 28 at 8pm KST. Check out their channel for Seasons 1 and 2 now!




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