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Eric Nam ‘Honestly’ WOWED The Fans in Vancouver

I recently attended Eric Nam‘s sold-out concert in Vancouver (along with many other sold-out shows in other cities), he performed an amazing set for his fans. He not only displayed his high energy both off/on stage for his waiting fans, but he continuously kept them up to date as much as possible on his social media. He posted tweets with what was going to be next, sneak peeks on his Instagram story for the fans attending his concert on the day of; which kept the excitement bubbling before showtime.

Despite it being his first time in Vancouver, Eric Nam not only wowed the audience with his beautiful angelic vocals (guys, I am serious, he is SO amazing live, his vocals, I repeat are the sweetest), but his fan service in general was a blessing! He was so open and constantly interacting with the fans, whether it be answering their questions, talking about a bit of himself and what he did in the city and how is tour was going. Just the overall experience at his concert was so worth it, as the concert was also very intimate too.

The show was held at the Rio Theatre on June 9th, and hosted a completely sold-out show, which tickets were gone within minutes during the official ticket sales. Not only did he perform himself, but also brought LOOTE along with him as his opening act! If you guys do not know who LOOTE is, I highly recommend checking out their songs! They are an absolutely talented trio with beautiful vocals. Make sure to give them your love and support while you do the same for Eric Nam!

The concert began with LOOTE’s catchy music, where they performed a couple of their songs like “High Without Your Love” and “Your Side of the Bed”, and then moving on after their performances was the main act of the night- Eric Nam! He kicked off the fun-filled night with his four back-up dancers to the song “Potion”, hyping up the crowd from the start. He continued throughout the night with his other songs (in no particular order), “Don’t Call Me”, “Honestly”, “Lose You”, “Good for You”, “This is Note a Love Song”, “Into You” and more! The whole entire concert had all the fans in high spirits thanks to his amazing talent, wonderful humor and his MENTS in between songs. Though fans wanted him to perform longer, and did not want to part with Eric, he finished the show with his encore song, “Can’t Help Myself”. This marked the end of his show for the night for most. Lucky VIP ticket holders were pleased with a Meet & Greet afterwards!


Overall the concert was very enjoyable! You could tell the audience had a blast as they sang along throughout the night and even two lucky audience members received a rose from Eric! Vancouver was lucky to have him in their city. Eric expressed his excitement to hit up Vancouver again on his next tour in the near future!

Thank you Eric Nam for performing an amazing set list in Vancouver- and until next time!


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