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UP10TION Turns Chicago into ‘Candyland’ for Meet & Live Tour

The talented boys of UP10TION successfully turned Chicago into “Candyland” for their beloved HONEY10s!

They kicked off their Chicago stop of their 1st U.S. “Meet & Live” Tour with a night filled with unforgettable performances, off-the-charts fan-service, and sweet memories for their lucky fans, some who had the opportunity to meet and take photos with the boys!

UP10TION made sure all of their fans felt loved and included, interacting with many of those in the audience and showing off their amazing English skills.

IMG_4966  IMG_5705

They kept mentioning how hot it was in Chicago, and member Wei playfully teased fans when someone suggested that he take his jacket off. This caused a lot of laughs from the boys and the audience alike and created a lively and intimate atmosphere for everyone at the show!

In addition to performing some of their hits like “Runner,” “Candyland,” and “Attention,” they performed some of their other fan favorite tracks like “Target On,” “Still With You.”












The members also played games, including an adorable Speed Quiz, which was similar to charades but only with Chicago-related terms. The boys got the answers right to all of them with the help of their fans, despite Wei telling fans not to give them any hints.

Towards the end of the show, fans were chanting the group’s names, bringing the boys out for an encore stage. The stage was UP10TION‘s final “thank you” to fans, who even prepared a special cake as a gift for them.

The group has already performed in several U.S. cities and are scheduled to be transforming even more cities into “Candyland” throughout the next coming weeks.

IMG_4839    IMG_4757



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