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Artist Spotlight ⭐ Why You Should Love Imfact!

Despite having debuted in January of 2016, IMFACT is slowly but surely making a name for themselves. This charismatic group consists of Jian, Lee Sang, Ungjae, Jeup, & Taeho. The group made their impression on me with their debut song “Lollipop” back in 2016 & since then i have had the honor of watching these 5 young, and extremely talented boys  grow and find their sound. The groups most recent comeback  is quite the change from their debut – “Lollipop” is a pop infused song about you’re first school crush, & how perfect they seem, whereas “The Light” is more of a grown up pop with heavy beats about a love you can not have. The groups initial debut under Star Empire Entertainment did not receive as much attention as they had hoped for, but despite the lack of attention the group refused to give up, and decided to participate in the KBS’s Idol Rebooting Program “The Unit” in hopes for more exposure.  Although the groups journey so far hasn’t been the easiest, the group continues to work hard, with charismatic performances, & energetic dance moves from every member.


IMFACT consists of 5 members with so much charisma it feels like there’s more than 5 members. Each member brings their own charms to the group, each one with the energy to fill a thousand venues, but just enough to not overwhelm each other.

JIAN (지안)


Jian, who’s real name is Lee DaeKwang, is the lead rapper, lead dancer, vocalist & leader of the group. Jian’s rapping skills are as powerful as his voice. His unique voice is is exuberant, and passionate.  During his predebut days he was the back up dancer for B1A4 & Juniel.

SANG (상)

lee sang

Lee Sang, who’s real name is Lee Sang , is the lead vocalist, and visual of the group. Sang made cameos in multiple dramas like “Strong Woman Do Bong Soon”, “Longing Heart”, &“Four Types Of Houses”. Some of Sang’s passions include composing, lyric writing,  & playing guitar.

JEUP (제업)


Jeup, who’s real name is Park Je Up, is the main vocalist, lead dancer, visual, & face of the group. Jeup was on season 4 of  “I Can See Your Voice”  but was eliminated.  Some of Jeup’s passions include martial arts, & Skiiing.

Taeho (태호)


Taeho, who’s real name is Kim Wonjin, which he later legally changed to Kim Taeho, is the main dancer, and the main vocalist. Some of his passions include lyric writing, composing, & choreographing. Taeho is currently participating in a show on EBSKids called “Scienstar Q”.

Ungjae (웅재)


UngJae who’s real name is Na Ungjae, is the vocalist, rapper, & maknae. Some of Ungjae’s passions inlcude composing, & lyric writing. Along with Jian, Jeup, & Taeho, Ungjae participated in “The Unit” but was eliminated.

Music Videos


A pop song about you’re first high school crush? we’ve all been there so why not? Its a bit of an oldie but it’s still a fun song to listen to.

“Feel So Good”

“Feel So Good” is the groups first attempt at an edgy, more grown up concept, and man did they do that. The song exhibits Jian & Ungjae’s rapping skills, as well as an amazing choreo. Great Choreo, cute boys & amazing rapping? Yes please!!

“Tension Up”

“Tension Up” is a more upbeat, party song that demonstrates the groups vocals, rapping and energy. Getting ready for a night out with the girls? This is definitely a song that’ll hype you up!

“The Light”

“The Light”  is the groups latest comeback. The Song is about loving someone who you cant have or doesn’t seem to reciprocate the same feelings you have.  The boys show us their more heartbroken and grown up sides in the mv. Despite some questionable hairstyles (im talking about you Sang & Jian) the boys look amazing. Jeup, Sang, & Taeho’s voices are put on display, where you can hear just how talented and capable these boys really are.

Thanks for joining us in this segment of Artist Spotlights, & make sure to check IMFACT out on their twitter , instagram, facebook, & of course their website to keep up with their schedules, & broadcasts! Make sure to comment below who you would like to see in our next Artist Spotlight segment!


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