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Artist Spotlight ⭐ Why We’re in Love with ONF

With their recent comeback for You Complete Me; their 2nd mini album, here are the reasons why we’re in love with them and why you should be too! (if you’re not already).

Quick Profile

ONF is a 7 member South Korean boy band under the label WM Entertainment, they debuted in August 2017 with the MV ‘On and Off‘ from their first mini album. ONF stands for ‘ON OFF’ and they have two sub-units within the band; the ON team and the OFF team. The On team contains the vocalists, while the Off team is the dancers.

Their official fandom name is Fuse and their official Twitter is @WM_ONOFF.


As mentioned, ONF has seven members, vocalists; Hyojin, MK, E-tion, J-Us, rapper; Wyatt, dancers; Laun and U.

Each member is adorable in their own respect, and they’re all talented and make the perfect band for every fangirl!


Hyojin (Real Name: Kim Hyojin)

B-day: April 22, 1994. Blood Type: O


E-Tion (Real Name: Lee Changyoon)

B-day: Dec 24, 1994. Blood Type: B


Laun (Real Name: Kim Minseok)

B-day: Aug 12, 1999. Blood Type: AB


U (Real Name: Mizuguchi Yuto)

B-day: March 16, 1999. Blood Type: AB


J-Us (Real Name: Lee Seungjoon)

B-day: Jan 13, 1995. Blood Type: AB


Wyatt (Real Name: Shim Jaeyong)

B-day: Jan 23, 1995. Blood Type: O


MK (Real Name: Park Minkyun)

B-day: Nov 16, 1995. Blood Type: AB


On/Off (2017)

  1. On/Off (Title) –3:13
  2. Difficult –3:08
  3. If We Dream –3:44
  4. Original –3:15
  5. Cat’s Waltz –3:18

You Complete Me (2018)

  1. Complete (Title) –3:06
  2. Fly Me To The Moon –3:11
  3. Good Morning –3:54
  4. Fifty Fifty –3:15
  5. Incomplete –3:27
  6. 86400 –4:06

Song RecommendationsThey honestly are all so good, but what drew me into the group was their first album as its so good. On/Off of course is my favorite, but Difficult, Original and Complete are close seconds.

Music/ Performance Videos

Where To Start

There’s not a whole lot out there, I would consider them pretty underrated but as always a good place to start would be by watching one of the many fanmade profile videos on YouTube!

But, here are some good videos to watch especially if you’re trying to find a bias!

ONF On After School Club — Ep. 278 

Pops In Seoul — Member Introduction (Playlist)

ONF Lights On Ep. 4 Debut Week in Inkigayo

So that wraps up the artist spotlight for ONF! I hope this encourages you to check out this amazing rookie group! Comment below your thoughts on ONF, do you have a favorite song? A bias? Let us know!

Our last artist spotlight was for HEIZE so be sure to check that out if you haven’t already, and be sure to follow Sweet Sweet Kpop!


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