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[K-MOVIE REVIEW] “My Annoying Brother”

What if the most important thing in your life was suddenly taken away from you?
Du Yeong was a young judoka with a bright future ahead of him until the day his passion cost him his sight during a match.

After the traumatizing event, Du Yeong ended up isolating himself from the world and living in his family house all by himself. But one day, his big brother Du Sik appears in his life out of the blue.

Indeed, his brother was in prison for fraud and the only way he could get out was to legally take responsibly for his disabled brother.
The two men’s relationship is pretty rough at first considering it was the first time the brothers were reunited in fifteen years. And against all odds, their dynamic changes pretty quickly allowing them to become true brothers.

This movie perfectly reflects the complexity of family relationships, as well as the undeniable love that bounds two completely different people resulting in a heartwarming story as funny as dramatic.

None the less, this movie wouldn’t have been the same without the amazing performances of Do Kyung Soo (or EXO’s D.O.) and Cho Jung Seok. The chemistry between the two actors really brought the story to life, offering us a great result.

If you’re tired of romantic stories or if you have a soft spot for tragedy and comedy combined, grab your tissues, prepare yourself to cry a river and put ‘My Annoying Brother’ on. You’ll thank me.


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