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Best Stages of KCON (New York Edition)

Since KCON NY 2018 is right around the corner, we thought it would be appropriate to make a quick list of some of our favorite performances from the past KCONs held in New York! Check out our list below for some throwbacks on the past performances from KCON NY!


When BTS literally burned up the stage with their fire performance! (No pun intended.. or is there)

#2: Intro + Cherry Bomb- NCT 127

Cherry Bomb was definitely one of the biggest hits of the year.

#3: Bad Girl, Good Girl + Nobody + Honey- TWICE

Our hearts are crying, all the throwbacks to the JYP family and their hit songs.

#4: Call Me Baby + Boy in Luv- SF9

When the boys of SF9 destroyed everyone with their perfect cover of EXO’s Call Me Baby and BTS’s Boy In Luv.

#5: Pretty U-Seventeen

Tell me how these 13 boys do not capture hearts of some of the people out there?!

#6: Save Me- BTS

Literally, S A V E  M E.


Despite missing Yerin, the girls still executed a perfect performance!

#8: You’re the Best- MAMAMOO

The girls are the whole package together ❤

#9: Remember That- BTOB

King of Ballads, enough said.

#10: Good For You- Eric Nam

Have we ever mentioned how PERFECT and GOOD this man is?! Perfect guy to swoon his fans, that’s for sure!

If we missed any of your favorite KCON performances, be sure to let us know and maybe we’ll do a Part 2? 😉


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