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Our Top 7 Got7 Live Performances

In case you weren’t aware, our sexy boys from Got7 are having an upcoming world tour! So, since they’ll be headed all around the world, it’s time to for us iGOT7s to prepare! In order to do so, let’s review some of our boy’s best live performances!

180214 7th Gaon Chart Music Award – Intro + You Are + Never Ever

Leave it to awards shows to have just the best performances, Got7 was no exception. They performed three songs from their album Flight Log: Arrival.

180315 M Countdown – Thank You

One of the amazing things about Got7 is their versatility. They can rap and dance, but never underestimate their vocals! The boys did an amazing performance of their song ‘Thank You’ from album Eyes On You.

150719 Inkigayo – Intro + Just Right

There’s nothing like an intro to get the crowd revved up, and Got7 knows how to entertain a crowd! Check out their amazing comeback special for ‘Just Right’ from album Just Right.

Got7 Arena Special 2017 [My Swagger] – Hard Carry (Dance Break Version)

Remember how I said they were versatile? Well, I proved that with their vocal talent, now check out their dance skills with this intense ‘Hard Carry’ performance!

Fly in Seoul 2016 – If You Do (Sexy vr.)

Now, this is the entire concert that is fan uploaded, and if you want to hype yourself for their concert just watch this two hour long masterpiece. But, my advice, skip to 1:23:00 and you’ll thank me. Got7 are the sexy beasts of K-pop for a reason, especially when they perform this sexy version of ‘If You Do’ from their Mad album.

140403 M Countdown – Intro + Girls Girls Girls

Do you also remember when I said there’s nothing like an intro to get the crowd going? Yea, let’s also never forget this legendary debut song paired with this awesome intro to really rock the socks of the K-pop world. Got7 hits hard with this performance of their debut song, ‘Girls Girls Girls’ from the album Identify.

140613 M Countdown – Good Tonight + A

Lastly, the two sides of Got7 is personified with this performance. The song ‘Good Tonight’ has the edge that Got7 markets, where as ‘A’ has the cuteness they also …market? If that makes any sense. Somehow though both sides of Got7 work harmoniously to give you the wonder that is Got7.

Let us know if your getting ready for their world tour!

Also, be sure to check out @SubKultureEnt for more info on the Got7 tour in the US and @p0pgoesthew0rld for the Canada tour!


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