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Wanna One Chase the ‘Light’ in Gorgeous MV

Wanna One has released their highly-anticipated MV for “Light!”

“Light” is the title song of the group’s special album, “1÷χ=1 (UNDIVIDED),” which features unit songs that the members performed at their concert.

In the MV, the members are depicted in various gorgeous scenes but ultimately chase after the light that they see.

They are also embarking on their world tour and will have four stops in the U.S. at San Jose, Atlanta, Chicago, and Dallas. Furthermore, the group will be performing at this year’s KCON NY and KCON LA, which will be taking place on June 23 to 24 and August 10 to 12 respectively.

Wanna One has proven their versatility with genres and concepts with this special album and MV and will continue to dominate the K-pop scene in the coming months.


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