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Artist Spotlight ⭐️ Why We Love Heize

Sultry vocals over smooth, lo-fi beats that make the perfect backing track to a late night or rainy day are what you’ll find when listening to Heize’s music. The 26 year-old singer-songwriter, attached to label Stone Music Entertainment (formerly known as CJ E&M Music), has been taking the K-RnB world by storm since her debut album in 2014.


Heize (real name Jang Da-Hye) stepped onto the scene with a self-titled debut EP in 2014.

After her fun collaboration with Dean titled “And July” and single “Star” hit the charts in 2016, Heize most notably gained traction in 2017 with her album /// (You, Clouds, Rain). The third work in her discography features the number one hits “Don’t Know You” and “You, Clouds, Rain”.

This year, Heize is climbing the charts even higher with the new album Wind – her most critically-acclaimed to date. This EP is where you will find the sexy single “Jenga” featuring Gaeko, and the soft ballad “Didn’t Know Me”.

Why We Love Her

Heize is in a great space right now. Music that hangs in a lo-fi, chill atmosphere is a favorite at the moment, and she perfects the sound in a way that begs for more. Also, she’s super fun and kind of obsessed with Olaf.

Screen Shot 2018-06-05 at 9.26.53 PM
Not enough Olaf plushies.

Check out her episode of “I Live Alone” to fall even more in love with this relatable queen.

Don’t miss Heize at KCON NY on June 23! Tickets and more information can be found here.


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