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{REVIEW} AOA Has Finally Made Their Comeback With 5th Mini Album ‘Bingle Bangle’

Ace of Angels are finally back with the title track, Bingle Bangle This long awaited comeback is finally here and for this Elvis, it was not disappointing!

1. Bingle Bangle (Title track)

They strap on their 90s rollar blades and dance around inside a retro video game for the music video. This bop is perfect for the upcoming summer months, as the concept includes short shorts and cute crop tops with the writing bingle bangle.

2. Super Duper

The second track on the album shifts gears as the girls get a more sultry sound, with sexier choreography. With the catchy phrase, ‘super duper’ mixed with the seductive singing of the angels makes ‘Super Duper‘ stand out from the other songs on the album.

3. Heat 

Fans of the ballad may enjoy this song more then the title ‘Bingle Bangle‘ as its a slower song yet still retaining an enjoyable beat for the chorus. The more acoustic beat makes it a more unique AOA song.

4. Ladi Dadi

Fans of the Super Junior song ‘Lo Siento‘ may prefer this Spanish style beat. Its definitely a upbeat bop which incorporates Spanish style sounds. I guarantee the lyrics “oneul bam ladi dadi” will get stuck in your head.

5. Parfait

This song better resembles the title, ‘Bingle Bangle‘ and it also reminds me of AOA-Cream‘s ‘I’m Jelly Baby‘ as it has the typical pop sound of a girl group. It has the fun pop sound similar to other AOA songs, and other girl groups such as WJSN or Twice.

6. Dududu

Another one of my personal faves on the album, as it closely resembles ‘Heat‘ and ‘Ladi Dadi‘ my other favorites on the album. This album definitely has the girls changing their sound, as many of the songs have a different sound then the usual AOA. This song has a more mature sound, along with repeative ‘dududududu‘ making it a true bop for 2018.

Let us know your thoughts on this AOA comeback!


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