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The Rose Paints Seattle Rose

Debuting in 2017 with their first single “Sorry,” the four member band, The Rose began attracting a loyal fanbase that spanned globally. The musical group consists of four members: Woosung, Dojoon, Hajoon, and Jaehyeong. This year, The Rose embarked on their first international tour, Paint It Rose, making stops in Europe and the United States. The quartet performed in a total of twelve cities in the months of February and May.

Last week, the pop rock band brought their talents to The Showbox in Seattle, where artists such as Epik High and SF9 have been before. The Rose brought energizing performances that left the audience jumping on their feet and dancing like no one’s watching.


The setlist featured covers such as “Last Dance” by Big Bang, “Marry You” by Bruno Mars, “Thinking Out Loud” by Ed Sheeran, and “Happy” by Pharrell. Fans enthusiastically sang along to the familiar pop hits. The Rose also performed tracks from their new album, Void. Live performances of “Baby,” “Candy (So Good),” and “I.L.Y” sparked excitement in the audience, “Baby” and “Candy” being a hit with the crowd. The voices of a throng of fans sang the lyrics back at The Rose as a way of expressing that they, indeed, “look so good.”

During the chorus of “I.L.Y,” the audience held up fan-made banners that were passed out during the queue up. The banner depicted pink rose petals scattered around and read both “오늘 우리 사랑은 진실이야” and “Forever, our love is true.” The band stepped back from their microphones and listened with smiles on their faces as the fans collectively sang, while Dojoon played the piano.


The Rose also gave Hajoon and Jaehyeong a chance to bask under the limelight. The duo did a cover of “Through The Night” by IU with Jaehyeong on acoustic guitar. Often hidden as backing vocals, Hajoon and Jaehyeong didn’t disappoint with their soothing voices as they serenaded fans into a state of tranquility. The atmosphere took a 180 when Woosung and Dojoon lit up the stage with a dynamic cover of “Oasis” by Crush ft. Zico.

The band moved the audience with performances of their older tracks,”Like We Used To” and “Sorry.” The Rose also included an unreleased song, “Photographer” in their setlist. They continued to surprise fans by giving them an exclusive listen of a new song before its official release. Black Roses can anticipate a new single soon!


Throughout the show, The Rose invited the audience to sing and chant along to choruses, flattering the crowd with compliments about how beautiful they sound. Short ments were woven between the performances. Their amiable, unique personalities shined through in the way they interacted with fans. Hajoon enthusiastically waved at the crowd from his drumset. Jaehyeong offered finger hearts and bright smiles. Dojoon’s humorous, charming charisma combined with Woosung’s cool, confident stage presence kept Black Roses engaged and amused.

While The Rose looked adoringly upon their fans, Black Roses cheered the band on. The love and support fans gave to The Rose created a friendly and comfortable atmosphere in The Showbox. Countless screams of “I love you’s” rose up from the crowd, to which Woosung sweetly responded, “I love you, too!” One member of the audience cried out, “You look like a god!” when there was a lull, instigating laughter among both fans and the band. (It was true. Woosung looked divine with a spotlight shining on him.) Fans threw up finger hearts and even made heart shapes with their arms with friends and strangers around them.


The concert ended with a cover of The Script’s “Breakeven” after the Black Roses chanted, “Encore! Encore!” The Rose was sure to take a photo with the audience at the end, sitting on the stage with an American flag draped over their legs. Before they left, they thanked Seattle for coming out. They even promised to return to the emerald city!

At the end of the show, fans that held VIP tickets were able to stay back and meet the band in a hi-touch!

The Rose gave Seattle an unforgettable time and a night of memories that cannot be erased. Black Roses here in the Pacific Northwest look forward to seeing them keep their promise and come again! They will always be welcome in the city of Seattle.


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