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SHINee Flaunt Serene Looks In ‘Good Evening’ Music Video

SHINee‘s back with ‘Good Evening‘ music video for their 6th mini album Story Of Light EP 1. They’ve hit us with this soft elecro bop and some sultry new choreography which happens to involve some interesting chair moves.

The video itself uses pastel soft colors and lighting as the boys run through a forest, fall into water and dance around televisions.

SM is definitely starting to branch out of that classic “dancing inside a box” but you still see the remains of it as SHINee can also be seen in parts dancing within a box with broken televisions and video cameras.

The song itself is a song you can listen to for any occasion, whether around your fellow shawols, or non-kpop friends. This song is catchy and the unique dance blends perfectly with the beat. It shows off the pure vocal talent of the singers, as it doesn’t contain a lot of rapping or a break in the song for a rap-line.

Overall the music video shows off their vocal skills, while displaying their mature aura. ‘Good Evening‘ is definitely being put on my favorites of 2018 playlist.

Let us know if you enjoyed this SHINee comeback! And comment your thoughts on the music video!


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