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10 Eric Nam Songs You Should Be Listening To

The only thing better than listening to this golden playlist of Eric Nam tracks would be to hear them live. Luckily for us, the Atlanta-born singer/songwriter is touring this summer!

1. “Honestly”

Nam returned from a 2-year album hiatus with a vengeance to bring us Honestly, and the title track is nothing short of a bop. Fused with a fun, EDM-style hook and his velvety vocals, this track is great for any summer playlist.

2. “Potion (feat. Woodie Gochild)”

With a breakout rapper from Show Me the Money 6 surprisingly at his side, Nam supplies yet another fantastic summer jam from his new album. The pair make an awesome team, with Woodie’s flow in the bridge prancing between Nam’s melodies.

3. “Good for You”

If “Honestly” and “Potion” are tantalizing summer, than “Good for You” is cozy fall. This song from his 2016 EP Interview is soft, sweet, and a perfect coffee shop tune.

4. “Don’t Call Me”

The final addition to Honestly, “Don’t Call Me” bops along with an enchanting beat that’s consistent with the theme of the album.

5. “Perhaps Love”

Although technically a cover, this is one of my favorites in Nam’s discography. Originally from the OST of the 2006 drama Goong, “Perhaps Love” is a saccharine track covered many times over – and Eric Nam’s rendition is the best of the bunch. The official track features Cheeze’s Dalchong, but my favorite version is from the show Duet Song Festival when he performs it live alongside Park Seri.

6. “Body (feat. Timbaland)”

In a fun collaboration with the one and only Timbaland, Eric Nam creates yet another lively jam.

7. “Interview”

Eric proves time and time again that he is the king of soft coffee shop tunes.

8. “Lose You”

Another choice track from Honestly. I “honestly” can’t get enough of his new album!

9. “Love Song”

A true deep cut, “Love Song” reaches back to his very first mini album back in 2013. Five years later, and we’re still melting at this sweet ballad.

10. “Cave Me In” 

In a genius collaboration, Gallant, Tablo, and Eric Nam joined forces to create one of the best singles of 2017. This smooth track wouldn’t be the same without Nam’s mesmerizing vocals in the final verse.

What are some of your favorite Eric Nam songs? And will you be at any of his tour stops this year? Let us know!


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