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BTS Returns To The Ellen Show With Powerful ‘Fake Love’ Performance

In the midst of the promotions for their new album, BTS returned to The Ellen Show for a reunion with their fans in LA.

Starting off with a powerful performance, full of smooth choreography and strong vocals, had A.R.M.Y screaming so loud for our boys! BTS finished their performance with Ellen joining them in an adorable and funny way.

Following that, the interview was short, too short for our liking, and focused mostly on the presentation at the BBMA’s and a special surprise they made for some fans at the Warner Bros. Studios. To end it off, the boys got pranked, just like Ellen does to a lot of her guests!

A highlight of the interview was when Ellen asked once again if any of the members were dating, triggering the A.R.M.Y in the audience to scream. RM responded by saying, “Everyone in Korea now knows what ‘hookup’ means, because you asked us that the last time we were here.“, which made the audience erupt in laughter.

We love Ellen, and we love BTS, and having both together is amazing!

Keep supporting the boys and showing love to the new album, Love Yourself; Tear and of course, show all your support to Ellen.  Love yourselves and be kind to each other.


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