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The First Ever Vancouver Kpop Con Is A Hit With Amber & A.C.E

After having four consecutive successful years in Toronto, the Kpop Con has finally expanded itself to Vancouver last weekend. The event took place on May 19th and 20th and was Vancouver’s very first time hosting such an event. VKC 2018 took place at the Hard Rock Casino/The Molson theatre, which had vendors like The Face Shop, Air Canada, Moonstruck, Laneige and more featured in the areas of the venue.

Popular YouTube artist JunCurryAhn also attended both VKC and TKC this year, performing a couple of his cover songs on violin and hosting a Q&A panel at VKC! Alongside hosting panels during the weekend at VKC were popular YouTube creators JRE (from JREKML), Kenny (KingKennySlay), Luc (Awkward Luc), Fei (heyitsfeii), local Kpop Dance cover group, Yours Truly (yourstrulydance) and 5guys Official. With some of them hosting a reaction panel together, and some others hosting Meet and Greet sessions, fans were able to hang out with their favorite YouTuber(s) and capture some intimate moments with them.

Day one mostly consisted of panels from the YouTubers themselves, alternating between the star-studded YouTuber list and in the latter half of the afternoon, that’s when the Canada Dream Stage took place. The Canada Dream Stage was taken over by local Vancouver Kpop artists like Everald, Leg4cy, UBCKWAVE, K-CITY, Yours Truly and more, that either sang, dance, (or did both) and definitely took the stage to another level as each group heated up the stage with their lively and/or charismatic performances.

Day two was a little more busy and exciting! Why some of you may ask, well day two was when the fanmeeting for ACE and Amber were happening! It may have been an overwhelming day for most fans as ACE’s stage/ fanmeet took place at 4pm and Amber’s was set for 8pm. Fans that attended the shows had awesome perks like hi-touch, signed posters, and or opt in for the photo-op if they wanted to pay for it! ACE performed their songs like ‘Cactus’, ‘Callin’, and also performed many covers by their sunbaenims, like EXO’s ‘Growl’, BTS’s ‘Dope‘ and other songs! The concert was nice and intimate, as ACE even got a little teary eye-ed near the end as they thanked their fans for all the love and support. Not only were they 5 cute angels when they made their ments, but the moment the songs turned on, they turned to 5 charismatic idols, taking away the stage and leaving their fans dazed at their performances.


As for Amber, let me just say, if you did not attend her fanmeet then you are missing out. Not only was she engaging with her fans throughout the whole night, she did not hesitate to take her time that night. Everyone one of us could see that she looked at almost each and every one of us in the eye, and even took the time to chat with the fans as much as she could during her fanmeet. During the show, Amber even joked around with the audience, and also asked people to give her good pick up lines to use! Further into her fanmeet, she attempted to call fellow f(x) member, Krystal, but unfortunately she didn’t pick up, due to her schedule overseas. Some songs she performed during her show were (in not particular order), ‘Shake That Brass’, ‘Borders’, and songs from her new mixtape, ‘Rogue Rouge’.

Amber 4

Overall Vancouver Kpop Con has an amazing two days, and a big shout out to all the staff and volunteers that were helping out the whole entire weekend! Also, another big shout out to PopGoestheWorld (PGTW) for bringing both ACE and Amber here, for it’s not often when fans get to see more than one artist at a time!

We all look forward to the next event, so stay tuned for more next time!

View more photos here!


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