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Artist Spotlight ⭐️ Why You Should Love Stray Kids

Stray Kids recently made one of the most impressionable debuts of the year with their powerful track, “District 9″—and with that, they successfully crossed the threshold into my heart and became one of my favorite groups!

With 9 talented members, Stray Kids is making a name for themselves after previously being showcased in JYP Entertainment‘s program, “Stray Kids,” which revealed the struggles the members faced on their path towards their debut.

Filled with multi-talented, multi-national members with tons of personality and charm, these boys have shown everyone what they have to offer through their predebut album, “Mixtape,” along with a collection of self-made tracks by their rap unit, 3RACHA.

If you’re thinking of becoming a fan, you’ve come to the right place!


As I mentioned before, Stray Kids has 9 members: leader Bang Chan, vocalists Seungmin, Lee Know, I.N, and Woojin, and rappers Han, Changbin,and Felix.

Each of the members has his own quirk—for example, Bang Chan‘s quirk is his spontaneous and fun personality, while I.N‘s is his boyish and mischievous antics. They shine as individuals and are powerful together on stage, but behind the scenes, they truly resemble a loving and playful family.

Who’s your bias? My biases are Han and Bang Chan!


Mixtape (2017)

“Hellevator” – 4:01
“Grr” – 3:09
“Young Wings” – 3:18
“YaYaYa” – 3:21
“Glow” – 3:24
“School Life” – 3:36
“4419” – 3:13

This is their predebut album which showcases their potential to be top artists. Both “Hellevator” and “Young Wings” have official MVs and were what initially drew me into this group.

“Hellevator” is a heavy and intense song, while “Young Wings” is more easygoing. “YaYaYa” is on the powerful and fast-paced side, which strikes a balance between songs like “Hellevator” and “Young Wings.”

I am NOT (2018)

“NOT!” – 1:22
“District 9” – 3:31
“Mirror” – 3:40
“Awaken” – 3:13
“Rock” – 3:13
“잘 하고 있어 (Grow Up)” – 3:30
“3rd Eye” – 4:04

I am NOT” is the group’s official debut album with resonating themes of loss, discovering oneself, overcoming societal expectations, and exploring your identity.

The title song, “District 9,” tells a powerful story of reclamation of identity and self, while the MV explores a dystopian genre that emphasizes the song themes.

Song Recommendations

Can I just say… everything? All of their songs are fantastic and have their own unique qualities. In general, their songs are very intense with an emphasis on rap and strong vocals. (So if you’re a fan of rock, hip hop, or dance tracks, this is the group for you!)

From “Mixtape,” I recommend “YaYaYa” and “Young Wings!” “Young Wings” made me a fan of them and drew me in with a natural, catchy, and easy-to-follow tune. If you like something fast and strong, “YaYaYa” is the way to go.

As for “I am NOT,” every single song. Literally, that album is that good. If I had to pick a few, I suggest “District 9” and “Rock” if you want intense, then “Mirror,” and “3rd Eye” if you want to slow it down a notch.

If you ask me to recommend songs by their predebut rap subunit, 3RACHA, I’d have too many to list, so I’m going to leave it at that.

Music Videos


You can probably already tell from the video thumbnail, but this song and MV are dark and intense.

Young Wings

Switch it up from the previous dark MV with a more lighthearted performance one for “Young Wings!”

District 9

“District 9” is the epitome of the sound you would expect for their debut, especially considering their previous tracks. If you’re looking for a video with a story, this the video for you.

Grow Up

Break out of the dystopian nightmare and into a sentimental dream with “Grow Up!”


Stray Kids are just great performers all around, and this video proves it.

Get to Know Them!

Want to get to know Stray Kids! Luckily for you, I know great places to start!

First and foremost, their reality program, “Stray Kids,” which I have yet to watch.

As for things I have already watched, their “SK-Talker” segments, “Spot Kids,” and “The 9th” on their YouTube channel. All of the videos are relatively short in length, so it won’t take you much time to go through each one! (And plus, you’ll find yourself falling deeper and deeper for them the more you watch.)

Their VLives are also great places to go, as those are more laid-back than official interviews, allowing you to see more of their natural sides.

KBS World Idol Show K-RUSH Season 3 Episode 10 – Stray Kids

This one is absolutely hilarious and will really show you each of the members’ personalities.

[Pops in Seoul] STEP OUT! Stray Kids Member Introductions

Warning: Cuteness and funny moments overload! You may also want to turn down your volume, because they can get pretty loud.

[KCON 2018 Japan] ‘K-Food’ featuring Stray Kids

Watch the members of Stray Kids take to the kitchen to prepare a meal for their leader, Bang Chan!

[Stray Kids: SK-Talker] Episode 6

See the boys behind-the-scenes, along with the hilarity and cuteness that goes on behind the cameras!

Stray Kids “Rock” Video (Street Ver.)

This is basically a MV for “Rock,” except it’s a tad more informal than an actual MV… Watch and see for yourself!

That concludes our second artist spotlight!

Last time we featured The Boyz, and this time it was Stray Kids. Who would you like to see featured next time?

Comment your thoughts on Stray Kids below. What’s your favorite song from them? Who’s your favorite member? We want to know what you think!


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