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💣 Our 10 Favorite BTS Concert Moments 💣

BTS will be back on tour starting this August, so we’ve done some reflecting on their shows over the years. Some choice moments stuck out, so here are 10 of our favorite BTS concert memories!

1. Rainbow Ocean Fan Project 

Begun in Newark as a fan project for the WINGS Tour in 2017, thousands of ARMYs lit the venue up by covering their bombs with different colored bags, creating a glowing rainbow. This led to the sweetest reactions from the boys, and eventually Namjoon’s now-iconic line: “Like the rainbow, I don’t care if you’re red, blue, orange, green, purple. We love you.”

2. Jin’s Heart Series

I wish this never ended. This is one of the million reasons why we love Jin.

3. “Tony Montana” ft. Jimin

No one was prepared for Yoongi to transform into Agust D right before our very eyes at a BTS concert, let alone the moment when Jimin popped up and took over Yankie’s slot with his powerful vocals.

4. “Born Singer”

All the boys forming in that circle, singing about reaching their dreams together, to each other, always gets to me.

5. Purple Ocean Lightstick Project

Another favorite in the fan project realm. Now that they’ve coined the “I Purple You” phrase, this means more now than ever.

6. All Force One Concert

Ah, September 20, 2015. What ARMY doesn’t wish they were at the HISTORIC All Force One concert, in which rap line really went off. A truly legendary show, preserved in time.

7. Every Time Tae Hit His High Hote in “Stigma” on the WINGS Tour

Is this really specific? Yes. Is it also really important? Yes.

(0:25 for the Note)

8. When Yoongi Noticed His Family in the Audience for the First Time

YES, I’M GOING THERE. It’s time to be EMOTIONAL. When Yoongi’s family attended their first Bangtan concert in 2016, his reaction was so raw. Considering his family’s history of worrying about his chosen career path in a rapper, this moment was a huge step for him and means so much.

9. Just, the Entire 화樣연華 On Stage Show, Because They Looked Amazing

Let’s talk hair. Pink Joon??? Orange Jimin?? MINT BEAN YOONGI???? Ugh. I’m so nostalgic for this era.

…also including “Converse High” from this show, just because Jin sounds like a perfect angel and we need to appreciate it.

10. Ending Ments

After every show, the boys get personal and take the time to talk to us about everything and anything. Hearts come onto sleeves, and it’s an emotional moment for everyone in the stadium. We love our boys!

What’s your favorite BTS concert moment?


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