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10 of Our Favorite GOT7 Songs to Get Hyped for Their Upcoming Tour

In light of GOT7 going on their international tour, we’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite tracks by the group, and why.

  1. If You Do (Mad, 2015)

“If You Do” is G7’s magnum opus. Who could forget the iconic finger swirl/deadly stare choreo in the pre-hook, the random British girl lamenting in the bridge, or the boys beating up inanimate objects in love frustration (most notably – BamBam destroying a car while wearing a cheetah-print shirt?)

2. Just Right (Just Right, 2015)

“Just Right” and its accompanying MV skyrocketed the group’s popularity to a whole new level. With a heartfelt message and poppin’ color scheme, this is a must-have in any Ahgase’s music library.

3. Skyway (Flight Log: Turbulence, 2016)

A personal favorite of mine, “Skyway” has such a satisfying drop, and is a great addition to my favorite album, Flight Log: Turbulence. Plus, this video of them lip syncing on the street like buffoons gets me every time.

4.(Flight Log: Arrival, 2017)

JB’s contribution to the final installment of the Flight Log series is the softest song, and we couldn’t be any more thankful.

5. Hard Carry (Flight Log: Turbulence, 2016)

Some will argue about loving this comeback track, but you’re lying if you don’t find yourself screaming “AY, WELCOME TO MY WORLD, LET’S DO THIS!” and mosh-ing to the drop at the start of this gem.

6. Confession Song (MAD Winter Edition, 2015)

It doesn’t have to be Christmas to enjoy this sweet song, and even sweeter MV.

7. Mayday (Flight Log: Turbulence, 2016)

Another golden track off of Flight Log: Turbulence.

8. You Are (7 for 7, 2017)

The boys ended 2017 with a fresh new look and an A+  title track. The notes in the hook remind us of the true power of G7’s vocal line.

9. Teenager (7 for 7, 2017)

“Nal bwa bwa bwa bwa bwa!” This song + its choreo are just so great.

10. Fly (Fly, 2016)

A staple in the group’s discography.

This list barely scratches the surface of great GOT7 tracks. What are some of your favorites? Also, will you be catching the boys on their upcoming tour?

Learn more about it here.


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