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VAV to Hold First Meet & Live Tour in the U.S.

VAV will be holding their very first Meet & Live Tour in the U.S. this summer!

The boys announced their tour through a “VAV NEWS” segment, where they express their excitement about visiting the U.S. for the first time as a group to meet their U.S. fans.

Their tour will take place in 4 U.S. cities, beginning in New York on August 17, then in Atlanta on August 19, Dallas on August 21, and finally, Chicago on August 23.

The Meet & Live Tour will come with many perks tailored specifically to the group’s fans, also known as Vampz. Event benefits include a “Pick A Pose” snapshot with the boys as well as an exclusive fansigning event for VVIP tiers, which is a rare treat in overseas events!

VAV is known for their catchy and upbeat tracks, including “Gorgeous,” “Spotlight,” and “Flower.”

The event will be organized by VAV‘s agency, A Team, as well as Studio PAV, who has hosted several successful tours in the U.S.. They have brought artists such as Teen Top, 24K, and JJCC to the States and are also holding UP10TION‘s U.S. tour this summer as well.

For more information on the tour, make sure to follow Studio PAV and VAV on their social media accounts and come to us for the latest updates!

Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity to meet these talented stars!


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