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Dreamcatcher Releases Dark Concept Photos & Trailer

Dreamcatcher has unveiled an additional set of concept photos as well as a mysterious comeback trailer!

Clad in unique, all-black outfits, the members look mysterious and powerful, suiting their dark concept perfectly.

The group is returning with its 2nd mini album, “Escape from ERA,” on May 10 at 6PM KST. Since announcing the comeback, the group has revealed one concept teaser set as well as two group images.

Like their previous concepts, “Escape from ERA” resonates with an ominous, mystery-horror vibe, the music from the “You And I” trailer guaranteed to give you the chills.

The girls last promoted the powerful track, “Fly High,” along with the special song, “Full Moon.”

Are you ready for their comeback?


3 thoughts on “Dreamcatcher Releases Dark Concept Photos & Trailer”

    1. “Chase Me,” “Good Night,” “Fly High,” “Sleepwalking,” and “Full Moon” are great starters! I would say “Wake Up” is good too if you’re looking for more intensive rock!

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