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❤️Red Velvet Brings Happiness To Chicago ❤️

As the ReVeluvs in Chicago all gathered together on April 29th, they experienced an amazing and fun-filled night together!

Yesterday, the ladies of Red Velvet (with the exception of Joy, who was absent due to her drama filming schedule) flew to Chicago to attend their fanmeeting, which was hosted on the 29th @ The Rosemont Theatre by SubKulture. They performed many of their popular hit songs like “Red Flavor”, “Moonlight Melody”, “Russian Roulette”, “Rookie”, “Peek a Boo” and “Bad Boy”.


Not only was there a lot of exciting cheers for the ladies of Red Velvet, but many fans expressed their joy with posters, banners and happy tears.  The fanmeeting started with Red Velvet opening with “Red Flavor”, “Moonlight Melody” and “Russian Roulette”, allowing fans to experience a rollercoaster of emotions, in disbelief that their favorite girls were right in front of their eyes. Danny Im (who was the host for Red Velvet’s fanmeeting that night) then questioned the fans if they knew what ballad the girls sang in their first three songs. But of course, fans yelled out in unison that they knew the song title.

Red Velvet proceeded to the Q&A segment, this was where the ladies of Red Velvet got to choose from a board filled with post-it notes of questions that fans wanted answers to! And boy was it loud! Fans from all sides were cheering and crying out their love for Red Velvet and everyone went c r a z y when Wendy spoke in English. When it was Yeri’s turn, her questions was “What is your ideal type?”, which she answered honestly and sweetly by saying that she doesn’t look at how good looking they are, but rather for their personalities and that anyone like their ReVeluvs would be good enough! Yeri also responded to another question, “What kind of hair style or color she would like to try next?”, how she has tried everything with her hairstyles, but fans were telling her that she needed to go blonde! With that she replied with a lot of aegyo 🙂 Another question that was asked to her was “What kind of songs would you like to do?” Upon hearing the question, fans began exclaiming that she should do a love song but Yeri cutely replied “Noo, I don’t know love” and then proceeded to give the audience a big heart! ❤


Next up was leader Irene, who got the question “Can you perform the Shark Song?” and SubKulture had prepared the actual Shark Song to play for Irene! (Good job SubK hehehe). Though the question was for Irene, the whole group ended up dancing and singing along to it. (which was absolutely adorable) The girls were even hiding behind their seats and peeking over the tops like they were looking for the shark. Seriously, how cute is that? It was definitely the most adorable moment of the night. Another question Irene got was “What hair styles would she like to try?” to which she answered, curly long hair, or a cute bob cut with bangs but then said her family told her not to get it cause it wouldn’t look good on her…. BUT her fans totally disagreed and told her to do it! Way to go ReVelus!


The third person to take on the Q&A segment was Seulgi! She chose the question, “What item could you not live without?” Seulgi answered her cellphone, but stopped and pondered for a second because she had gone to the jungle without her cellphone and then changed her answer to her ReVeluvs! Her second question was “What hairstyle and color that she would like to try next”, and then turned to the crowd to see what they thought was better, and a lot of the fans were shouting out that she should try silver! Seulgi also turned to the audience and said that she wanted to try a bob haircut, and Yeri went over to her and put her hair back to show everyone how it would look, and fans went c r a z y!


The first question for Wendy was “How do you relieve stress?” and Wendy answered with “By watching cover videos and reaction videos from fans!” (That’s so sweet that she spends her time watching us all!) She then picked another question that asked her “Something that you want to accomplish this year” which Wendy answered that she wanted to visit every state in the U.S! (We would love that too Wendy!)


After the Q&A segment, there was the fun Random Play Dance, where they decided that the winner, chosen by the audience, could punish one of the remaining members by telling them to do their sexy dance! Upon hearing this, the ladies of Red Velvet began to stretch and started hyping themselves up for the game. As the songs began to play, Yeri started to make small mistakes here and there but kept it casual, pretending that no one saw but soon her members called her out on her mistakes! They all pointed out that Yeri was the one that was wrong, and she began to try and talk her way out of it. (lol) She stated that she had thought it was a different verse, to which they all gave her a second chance.

In the end, the fans in the audience all voted Wendy as the winner, and even though she was only supposed to pick one members, she chose all three members to take on the punishment! Irene started off by shyly dancing her cute and sexy dance when Danny got her to take the center stage first and then Yeri cutely took over the stage, by doing a cute little sexy dance, that ended with her blowing a kiss to their fans. (Awe) Seulgi then took over the stage with her sexy dance to the song, “Pony” by Genuine– goodness has our hearts ever been so wrecked and blessed at the same time! Just as fans thought the punishment was going to end, Danny said that one member felt left out and made Wendy do a sexy dance anyways- which that girl went a l l  o u t for, crawling on the ground and flipping her hair! Goodness gracious!

After the fun Random Play Dance, the girls played the “This or That” game, where fans stood up and raised their left hands if they thought the member would choose “A” or used their right hands if they thought the member would say “B”. If the fans got the question wrong, they would have to sit down until there was only one person standing! This game was a really fun interactive segment between the girls and their fans. Everyone was having fun, shouting out to the girls with what they wanted them to say. (lol) Some of the questions that were asked, (in no particular order); “Irene staying in or going out? (Everyone said staying in, no one said going out hahaha), Yeri– Taylor Swift or Ariana Grande, (Ariana of course), Seulgi- Cats or Dogs, (Dogs for sureee) and Wendy- Nice arms or nice smile (and of course it was a nice smile 🙂 )


Near the end of the fanmeeting, ReVeluvs got to see the behind-the-scenes of “Rookie” and when Joy appeared on the screen, all the fans excitedly cheered and screamed to show their support! The girls then took the stage to perform a few of their top songs like “Rookie” and “Peek a Boo”. When it was time to say goodnight, Irene said that she would love to have a concert in Chicago next time with Joy! Our Sweet maknae, Yeri wanted to do a group photo with everyone making a heart. Yeri checked to make sure everyone was making a heart and told the audience they all looked so cute ;-;

Just as fans thought it was the end, Red Velvet took to the stage one last time to preform “Bad Boy”, which ended the fanmeet on a great note!

The Fanmeet was another successful and fantastic event held by SubKulture Ent, and thanks to them- Beautiful memories between Red Velvet and ReVeluvs that night! ❤

View more photos here!


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