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Artist Spotlight ⋆ THE BOYZ (& Why You Should Love Them)

Hello and welcome to SSK’s very first artist spotlight! The featured artists are the talented members of THE BOYZ, who made an impactful debut with the catchy dance track, “Boy,” in December 2017.

THE BOYZ is a twelve-member boy group from Cre.ker Entertainment. The members consist of: Sangyeon, Jacob, Younghoon, Hyunjae, Juyeon, Kevin, New, Q, Haknyeon, Hwall, Sunwoo, and Eric.

I only recently got into them, but I already have an agenda to convert more people into their fans. Hopefully, you’ll leave this article with at least .01% more of the need to stan them. And if you do end up stanning them (or already do), we’d probably be good friends with each other.

Without further ado, I bring you the members of THE BOYZ! Drumroll please!


Here are the adorable and handsome members of THE BOYZ in all of their “Giddy Up” cuteness! My bias is Jacob, but I also like Kevin and New. Who’s your bias (or who are your biases)?


The First (2017)

“Intro” – 0:39
“Boy (소년)” – 3:10
“Walkin’ In Time (시간이 안 지나가)” – 4:59
“Got It (있어)” – 3:43
“I’m Your Boy” – 3:32
“Boy (소년) (Inst.)” – 3:10

The Start (2018)

“The Start” – 0:40
“Giddy Up” – 3:36
“Text Me Back” – 3:11
“Just U” – 3:21
“Back 2 U” – 3:33
“Get It” – 3:30

Song Recommendations

The First (2017)

First of all… everything in this album? Literally, all of the songs in this album are great, with a good variety while also retaining a “sound” that is inherently the group’s music style.

“Boy” is definitely title track material, with a catchy chorus, a variety in line distribution, and an overall feel-good vibe. Meanwhile, “Walkin’ In Time” and “I’m Your Boy” are the softer, ballad and R&B tracks, while “Got It” is a more intense twist from the lighthearted album.

The Start (2018)

“Giddy Up,” “Giddy Up,” and “Giddy Up.” This was the song that did it for me and made me stan THE BOYZ. It’s catchy, fun, and has an energetic and unique MV that caught my eye immediately. “Text Me Back” is a great song too!

Music Videos


I still don’t really understand the storyline of the video, but who cares? The song is great, and so is the choreography!

I’m Your Boy

This song is so good! I love the vocal range, especially in the chorus.

Walkin’ In Time

This video is actually really sad and sentimental.

Giddy Up

As soon as I saw the pinball game concept, I was sold. I love the camera swipe elements and how colorful and fun the MV is. Plus, I adore their outfits. It suits the theme perfectly!

Get To Know Them!

If you want to get to know the members, these are some perfect places to start!

“Come On! THE BOYZ” Episode 1 – Eating Fairy

[MISSION THE BOYZ] In Macau Episode 1

“Giddy Up” Jackpot Live

Relay Dance of “Boy”

You can see some of their playful sides in this relay dance!

…and that concludes our first artist spotlight article! Who would you like to see featured next time?


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