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ARTLOVER Releases Video for Her Debut Single “Want U Back”

Standing enchantingly in a field of flowers wearing a hot pink suit and black gloves, platinum-haired ARTLOVER could be ready for a Vogue photo shoot. But in actuality, she’s fiercely pioneering her debut MV. The track, “Want U Back”, is the first single from her EP to be released later this year, and a great sample of what is to come from this London-based artist.

It’s about time more female k-rappers take center stage, and ARTLOVER is blazing through with a fresh take. Rather than the aggressive beats that can be heard often in the female rap space (think Hyuna and Jessi), “Want U Back” provides a lighter, 80’s synth-pop sound – just perfect for a spring jam. With a hook brimful in melody, ARTLOVER’s pleasant vocals are showcased; but where she really shines is in the rap verses, where her deep register expertly brings everything together.

Furthermore, the atmosphere of the MV fits the song perfectly, with an overall brooding theme with shots of the countryside.

This electric single has us excited to hear more from ARTLOVER. Keep an ear out for her forthcoming EP, and watch the aesthetically captivating MV for “Want U Back” below!


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