Comebacks, K-Pop

BTS (방탄소년단) Releases #3 of “LOVE YOURSELF” Highlight Reel ‘轉’

Today marks the third day consecutive day of BTS releasing their third teaser!

This time, the teaser is more intense, showing many different deep scenes of each respective member. Scenes flash from Jin driving, (who seems to be recalling him memory bit by bit) to the other scenes where Suga is upset and drunk, V spraying graffiti, J-Hope practicing his dance with a female partner, Jimin practicing the same routine in the dark by himself, Rap Monster sitting on the bus by the girl, and Jungkook holding a small bouquet of flowers in the hospital and other scenes back and forth.

We won’t be spoiling more, though we may have spoiled a bit- BUT make sure to check out the teaser yourself and make sure to watch the entire teaser till the very end!

Things seem to be making sense, but at the same time, more questions are being asked,

What do you guys think?


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