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KCON UPDATES: Convention Tickets + Ticket Updates!

KLUB KCON and the Flower Boy Cafe tickets are already on sale! Flower Boy Cafe tickets will be $15 USD per session and each person is only allowed up to 2 sessions each. For KLUB KCON, it will be held on August 18th @ 6PM! Each ticket is $30 USD and will have an artist appearance from the 2017 KCON LA artist lineup!

Convention tickets are also on sale NOW! Attending the convention will allow you to see all the different booths, whether it be K-Beauty with popular YouTube artists like Edward Avila, Joan Kim, etc to Kpop related dance time, merchandise booths and more! You can grab your convention tickets here:

Convention Hours

Due to the high demand of fans wanting to attend KCON, they have finally announced that they will be posting more information soon on additional ticket sales for fans who didn’t have a chance to snag a ticket! More information will be posted once KCON has made an official announcement on when in early August, ticket sales will be released.


Additional information for will call tickets- tickets are available for pick up at the box office Mondays-Fridays from 10am- 6pm @ the Staples Center!

More updates to come x we will see you all there!


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