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IKON Comes Back with EP “New Kids: Begin” and Two Music Videos

IKON is back!

On the 22nd of May 2017 KST, YG Entertainment‘s most recent boy group, IKON, came back after a year with a single album and two music videos. Their last comeback was last May with the digital single “#WYD” but luckily for IKONICs, this time IKON released a two title track EP!

Entitled “New Kids: Begin,” the EP includes four tracks: the two title tracks, “Bling Bling” and “B-Day” as well as their instrumentals. Both songs were written and composed by leader and rapper B.I as well as by rapper Bobby. They’re both hip hop songs with a heavy and upbeat instrumental. They got me really hooked and I love it!

Watch the music video for “Bling Bling” below:

Watch the music video for “B-Day” below:

IKON‘s “New Kids” will be a series announcing IKON’s new beginning as well as a new style. Make sure to look forward to it!

What do you think of IKON’s comeback? Do you like it?


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