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Ticket Prices & Details Revealed for MONSTA X’s U.S. Tour!

Ticket prices and details have been revealed for MONSTA X‘s 1st U.S. Tour, “Beautiful in the US“!

The group will be lighting up the stage in the heat of the summer, touring across 6 U.S. cities from the middle to late July, beginning in Chicago on July 12 and ending in Los Angeles on July 23.

Ticket prices will range from $50 to $195 and will be sold through Powerhouse or AXS/Ticketmaster, depending on the venue.

VIP P1, which will sell for $195, entails a group photo and hi touch, while P2, which sells for $165, will entail a guaranteed hi touch.

Sales commence on Thursday, May 11, at 4PM local time, so make sure to grab some! Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity!


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