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149 Artists Gather to Create a BTS Coloring Book

Many fans’ dreams may have just came true—a free coloring book composed solely of BTS members has been created! With a total of 149 artists, these fans gathered together to create a series of beautiful line art of the members, dedicated as a gift to the fandom and BTS.


Consisting of 342 pages, fans are able to enjoy each artist’s interpretation of the members while coloring to their heart’s content. Following each artwork is an “About the Artist” page, giving an insight of the artist that created the piece.

Rules about the coloring book have also been implemented, which can be found on Page 4.

The coloring book is free, and can be downloaded here.

In addition, fans can also participate in showing their appreciation by posting their colored pages on social media and tagging the artist.

18268494_661663864035177_2839477182154856045_n (1)

The writers of Sweet Sweet Kpop are definitely excited and can’t wait to enjoy this!


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