[EXCLUSIVE] Behind The Scenes of ‘BTS Wing U.S. Tour’ Rainbow Ocean Project

BTS recently wrapped up their sold-out U.S. Tour, which took place in Newark, Chicago, and Anaheim. Their spread their wings before enormous crowds of enthusiastic fans who were united with a mutual love for all things BTS.

From hits like “Blood, Sweat, & Tears” and “Fire,” to intense tracks like “Cypher Pt. 4,” BTS lit the stage with their touching and heartfelt performances, creating lifelong memories for die-hard fans.

However, ARMY wasn’t the only ones on the receiving end: so were BTS! ARMY gave BTS loving cheers, stunning sights, and amazing memories they would never forget, bringing forth a beautiful rainbow ocean for each of their U.S. stops.

Sweet Sweet Kpop was lucky enough to interview one of the organizers of the rainbow ocean project, Ariana Christina Scarpelli.


Photos belong to their rightful owners.
Q: How did you get this project going? What inspired you to do a rainbow ocean?
A: The idea came in one of the groups I started on Facebook. We wanted to do fanprojects for BTS and we began to brainstorm ideas. I remember for TRB 2 friends of mine pulled off a banner project and I wanted something along the same lines. Another girl named Mingxiu Li and a couple of others were talking in a group chat about how we wanted to do a colored ocean like K ARMYs did for BTS during the song 2!3! (Hoping for better days) at MUSTER. That song was BTS‘ gift to ARMY and so we wanted to give them a gift as well. We didn’t know what color would work the best so we were like, “hey what about a rainbow?” We kind of struggled to come to an agreement at first because a rainbow seemed like so much work.
A lot of people backed out when we were in the idea forming stage because of work or school. We also kept the idea kind of secret until we had enough research into the project done. Then I used my FB group pages to promote the idea and get people to donate. The whole message behind the rainbow is that at the end of every storm there is a rainbow and for ARMY, BTS is our rainbow that helps us through our tough times. They give us hopes and dreams. So we gifted them with that rainbow to show them what they mean to us.
Q: Do you have an estimate of how many people participated?
A: Well we counted all the seats in each arena and for each day there were at least 12,000 tickets sold. Not EVERYONE got to participate as it was hard for volunteers to reach everyone. But a good majority did. I’d say probably about 10k per venue per day participated.
Q: How long did it take to plan this project?
A: From the second that BigHit announced a US tour until literally the days of each concert. There was just so much to be done and never enough time because something always came up. But it was nonstop work for months.
Q: What were the biggest challenges or concerns about undertaking a project of this scale?
A: Getting donations for the project definitely took a lot of time. In the beginning some people thought we were scamming people for their money because we were taking donations. But like this was a very costly project and every donation helped out. And I made a mass post explaining the situation and that we weren’t making any money off of this and we weren’t forcing people to donate. So if they wanted to donate, then go ahead, but if they thought it was a scam then they didn’t have to help us.
But we were worried that we wouldn’t get enough money in time to buy everything and get it all organized. Also getting enough volunteers to help us pass out the colors in specific stations. We needed to make sure a color didn’t end up where it wasn’t supposed to be. One major challenge we faced was would everyone participate? Would we get enough people to remember to use the colored bags to make a rainbow? Can we actually pull off a project of this scale?
Q: Do you plan to do another project like this in the future?
A: Possibly, depending on what is going on in my life at the moment. It was a bit hard this time around just because I was juggling school, work, an internship and then of course personal relationships with friends, family, and my boyfriend. All the admins had so much to do outside of this project. We all range in ages so we all had different responsibilities. Hopefully I have more time next time, but honestly I know I would sacrifice sleep for BTS again. I’m sure a lot of the other admins from each stop who worked with this project feel the same way. It was just an amazing feeling to see all of our hard work for months come to life in front of our very own eyes and in front of the boys.
Q: What was your favorite part about the whole project?
A: Just seeing so many people get excited about it when we passed out bags and then seeing it actually happen. So originally it was supposed to happen once 2!3! was starting. But for some reason people started doing it earlier because they forgot about the song “Outro: Wings,” however it ended up being perfect because BTS emerged from the extended stage into the rainbow. The effect was insane and unexpected and so we adjusted the project for the rest of the stops to be the same.
Q: Did the BTS members have any sort of reaction to this? If yes, what was their reaction?
A: Oh my gosh yes haha. They were so surprised and touched. A few of them teared up a little. Namjoon talked about the rainbow every single night. He gave moving speeches at some of the stops.
Photos belong to their rightful owners.
Q: After this successful project, was there something that stayed memorable to you even now?
A: How supportive all the admins for this project was. We all worked through every problem together. Each city would share ideas with each other and we made it work for all of us. The volunteers were so helpful. And of course the fact that BigHit tweeted about the project! That’s what really got to all of us. It finally hit us that we did it. We were successful!
Thanks to everyone that helped make this project a success! 
Newark: Kat Snapette, and Zandra Towns.
Chicago: Ying Leung, Nayab Tareen, Jessica Bork, Berenise Estrada, Cathleen Sarah Avitts, Kat Snapette, Alethea Chicancham, Denise Mejia, Layla Rae, Pahoua Thao, and Veronica Hernandez.
Anaheim: Julie Thao, Aroua Naji, Cherry Ditan, Tobi Wong, An Nguyen, Kaleb Rios-Cha, Kathy Rodriguez, Lastarzha Fabra, and Melissa Alvarado.
Also Brianna Grant for promoting on ARMY Amino constantly! As well as the hundreds of volunteers we had at all the stops.
So many people had a hand in the project that we would have been no where without them. I was just one admin at each of these cities. We all worked just as hard as one another and we all did it together. No one alone did this project. Lastly, all the people who donated to make it a success at every single stop! In the donation form we quoted Namjoon “Teamwork makes the dream work” and it really did. Thank you so much.

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