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SHINEE V WORLD Perform to Their Dream Girls in Vancouver!

On Tuesday, March 21st, it was considerably one of Vancouver’s best concerts yet! After the success of bringing multiple k-pop groups and artists like Epik High, Apink, B.A.P, Dynamic Duo, GOT7, Hyuna, and Illionaire to both Vancouver and Toronto, they stepped up their game once again and brought SHINee to two cities here in Canada.

DSC_6109 (1)

Both Vancouver and Toronto had the honor of having SHINee here for the first time in Canada, and it was just purely amazing. Words cannot describe the heated excitement of the fans waiting to see the veteran group. Fans were lined up on both ends of the venues, making sure to share their excitement with ofher fans around them. Fans attending the concert also had the opportunity to receive a fan-made lightstick (there were roughly 900 of them!) all donated by the Japanese Shawols to our Canadian Shawols in order to enjoy the concert even more!

At 6:30pm, fans began to enter the venue, all excitedly walking to their designated doors. As the concert lights dimmed to signal that the concert was starting, a VCR started to play, one by one, each beautiful member was shown through the VCR, and then suddenly the sheer white curtain dropped and the 5 SHINee members were all standing in front of us.

DSC_5989 (1)

SHINee opened up with the song, “Hitchhiking” immediately showing off their powerful performance right off the bat. The second song they performed was one of their big hit songs- “Why So Serious” but this time, it was the remix version! And let me tell you, that remix version is definitely something every fan needs to see in their lifetime! Following the second performance, a remix version of “Juliette” was up next! The passion & cheers for SHINee grew much louder and stronger throughout the night. When SHINee was introducing themselves, you could hear the deafening screams of each fan, welcoming the boys to Vancouver for the first time! During the introduction, you could tell that the boys were tired but happy to be there performing. Key was the most comfortable speaking in English out of the 5 members but they all made such a great effort to communicate with the fans.

During the halfway point of the concert, when SHINee was performing “Ring Ding Dong”– the music near the second chorus shut off which left the boys a little caught off guard, but that definitely did not stop them from maintaining their professionalism! Fans continued to sing along to the song despite the technical difficulties which lead SHINee to finish their songs with great big smiles on their faces! When they finished “Ring Ding Dong” and “Lucifer”Key apologized to the crowd about the technical difficulties and everyone cutely called out that it was okay, leaving Key to joke to the crowd that it was the computer’s fault and that they’ll make sure it doesn’t happen again. The concert picked up once again and all the Shawols were able to enjoy the concert to the max, singing, dancing and doing fan chants here and there throughout the rest of the night. When it came close to the end of the concert, and SHINee was doing their last talk, it was safe to say that they really relayed their feelings to the fans the whole time. It didn’t matter that some of the words were spoken in Korean, but the boys were very thankful for their fans, for their support and for their love during all this time. Member Jonghyun made a great point which resonated with me the most was:

“Even though there may be a language barrier, between us, we still know and want to relay our feelings through the music we make for you guys.”

That honestly nearly brought me to the tears because of how sincere they were.


To conclude the concert, it was a great experience and definitely not a let down! SHINee had put on such a great performance for all of us and it was definitely a concert that should not have been missed!

Before I end the recap post, I just wanted to give a shoutout to KPOPME for bringing SHINee here and to the staff and volunteers for their hard work! Don’t forget to check out the setlist of the performances, as well as some snapshots that we captured at the concert!


Set List for SHINee V World

1. VCR 

2. Hitchhiking

3. Why So Serious- Remix

4. Juliette- Remix

5. Ment #1

6. Prism

7. Replay-Remix

8. VCR

9. Hell

10. Odd Eye

11. Feel Good

12. VCR

13. Sherlock

14. Good Bye- Taemin’s Solo (Sayonnara Hitori)

15. Ring Ding Dong

16. Lucifer

17. Ment #2

18. Selene 6.23

19. Don’t Let Me Go

20. Please Don’t Go (Duet Between Onew & Jonghyun)

21. VCR

22. View

23. Ready or Not

24. Saviour

25. VCR

26. Everybody

27. 1 or 1

28. Dream Girl

29. Ment #3

30. An Encore

31. VCR



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