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Did You Know? On This Day, These Songs Were Released…

Every day is a day worth celebrating for the release of new music from your favorite artists. On March 16, these tracks were dropped—from 2011 to 2017, check out what was released today!


“Before U Go” by TVXQ (2011)

As a part of the repackage of Keep Your Head Down, TVXQ included this sweet track along with 2 other songs. You can’t go wrong with some soothing vocals and slow-tempo beats.


“Still in Love” by CNBLUE (2012)

Take a step back to the young days of CNBLUE! During this time, the band had longer hair, showing off their full locks in a casual setting. Taking place in a recording studio, the members are seen in their natural character, laid-back and relaxed.


“I Am a Woman Too” by Minah of Girl’s Day (2015)

Now let’s talk about sexy and classy! Five years after the start of Girl’s DayMinah debuted as a soloist with her charming song “I Am a Woman Too”. Her honey voice will have you dancing to her silvery notes.


“Spring Again” by Cao Lu of FIESTAR, Yerin of GFriend, and Kisum (2017)

What’s spring without this lovely song? Cao Lu (FIESTAR), Yerin (GFriend), and Kisum come together with their track “Spring Again” this season. When your heart flutters just as the “flower petals [have been] blown away by the wind”, you can relate to the shared emotions from these girls!

These songs are only a few of what has been released on March 16 throughout the past couple of years. Did you listen to any of these songs released on this day?


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