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GOT7 Gets Fierce in “Never Ever” MV 

These long weeks for ahgases (IGOT7s) have led to the final release for GOT7‘s trilogy, Flight Log. At 12:30 PM on March 13th (KST), GOT7 dropped their highly anticipated new music video for “Never Ever”!

In the music video, each member has more solo scenes unlike before. Each scene allows the member to portray their side of the story on GOT7‘s Jinyoung—the isolation from the members, and wanting to be saved from time to time. The intensity brings back some of the vehemence felt from their “If You Do” era; however, instead they choose to “never ever let you go“.

The colors of the music video tune in just in time for the spring, exhibiting an attractive aesthetic that’s appealing to the eye.

Jinyoung can be seen enclosed in a glass cage surrounded by plants throughout the video, perhaps held back by overwhelming feelings and thoughts. Furthermore, a blue-ish green bird is also found in the beginning of the video, surrounded by plants as well. Thus the bird may be a representation of the member who seeks to escape and be saved.

Constantly throughout the music video, Jinyoung or the members are somehow around each other, but not aware of it. This could indicate them watching over each other, especially during times of trouble.

Beforehand, GOT7 eagerly braced themselves for the release of “Never Ever” with a countdown on V Live. Although Jackson was absent during the countdown, the members kept on with full strength for the missing member.

GOT7 praying


The song “Never Ever” charted at #2 on Genie and Mnet, and #3 on Bugs. The excitement for GOT7 has been felt all around the world with #GOT7_NeverEver_정오공개 trending #1 Worldwide, including top trending in 9 countries.


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