BTOB’s Sungjae Worries About GOT7’s Jackson 

During BTOB‘s fansign in Mokdong, member Sungjae shared his concerns about GOT7‘s Jackson to their fans. While calling Jackson on the phone yesterday, he found out how ill the member was.

During GOT7‘s mini fanmeeting yesterday, Jackson quickly fell ill, causing him to collapse. Despite his condition, the GOT7 member pressed for continuing the activities, wanting to participate due to the fans’ extent of travel. The mini fanmeeting was organized for Japanese IGOT7’s; it included airfare from Japan to South Korea as part of the Hanshin tourism package and an “excursion” with GOT7. Because of the fans traveling far for the group, Jackson was determined to continue for them together with the members. However, his condition soon deteriorated and he was rushed to the hospital for rest.

Explaining his concern to fans, Sungjae asked them to leave mentions for Jackson wishing him to get well.

He recalled “he’s always a hyung who is always overflowing with (fighting) energy”, remarking how much spirit the member has.

In response, BTOB fans asked him to pray, and he followed with him praying for his good friend.

JYPE has released a statement assuring fans that Jackson is resting. There is still question as to whether the member will participate in their comeback activities starting March 13th for “Never Ever”.

As Jackson always says, “it’s 7 or never”—the members and fans will wait for his recovery. Until then, let’s hope the spirited member gets well soon!


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