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DAY6 Performs on M Countdown for the First Time in a Year

For the first time since March 31, 2016, JYPE band DAY6 performed on the music show, M Countdown, for their comeback with “How Can I Say”. This has only been their 2nd time performing on the show after debuting in 2015!

DAY6 are breaking boundaries with the Korean music industry though—rather than being recognized as idols, they want to be recognized for their music. Since debut, the members decided altogether that they would refrain from participating in music show promotions, where they aren’t allowed to play instruments live. Instead, they’d build their way up by starting with buskings, playing on radio shows, and holding mini-concerts to showcase their talent.

As a result, not only has the band gained many fans in Korea and internationally, but they’ve also been able to write and compose their own music for the world to hear. Album after album have led up to the start of the Every DAY6 project; for each month in 2017, a single will be released along with a music video. By the end of the year, DAY6 will have released 12 singles (24 songs) and 12 music videos.

So if you need time to get into DAY6, don’t worry, you have the whole year!


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