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GOT7 Drops Astonishing “Never Ever” MV Teaser and Photos

After checking out BamBam‘s set of teasers from yesterday, another set was released today—this time for the whole group!

In one photo, GOT7 poses for a group shot, wearing stylish clothing. In the other photo, the members are seen walking on the earth in casual attire, set in a warm environment. However, in this photo, Jinyoung is noted to be walking a different direction than the other members, signifying that he’s taking a different path than them. This observation has led to proving some theories right—that there is something that keeps Jinyoung from sharing the same path as GOT7. Take a look at the teaser images!

In addition, the music video teaser for “Never Ever” was also released! The intensified environment includes each member in their own scenes, different from each other. Furthermore, the members appear to have stronger gazes and have a more mature aura than before, making fans go crazy with their cool image!

Anticipate their cool comeback for its release on March 13th!


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