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GOT7’s Youngjae is Breathtaking in Teasers and Solo Track

The well known “sunshine” of the boy group GOT7 stunningly poses in another set of teaser images and clip for their March 13th comeback, Flight Log: Arrival! Putting aside his high-spirited nature for the teasers, Choi Youngjae captivated the fans with his enchanting aura and attractive charisma. Take a look at the ravishing teaser images and clip!

To accompany the release of his teasers, the member also released his own composed track, “Call Button”, collaborating with J.praize. The song has already been played more than 61,000 times, even catching the attention of one of Youngjae‘s favorite artists, Sanjoy. The member has other songs such as “Trauma” and “My Day” written under his artist name Ars on his SoundCloud.


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