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GOT7 Becomes the Next Group to Hit 100 Million Views on MV

Make way for the strong power of ahgases (IGOT7’s) because rising group, GOT7, have hit 100 million views on one of their music videos for the very first time! On March 6th (KST), GOT7‘s music video “Just Right” surpassed 100 million views.


The music video expresses a positive message, emphasizing that no matter the flaws, you’re always “Just Right”. The video has become widely popular around the world for its supportive words and charming members.


In addition to this achievement, GOT7 have also become the first boy group from JYPE to reach this milestone! As a way to celebrate and congratulate GOT7, fans across the world are bringing back the Just Right SELFIE PROJECT, which includes a selfie of the fan and their personal positive message to GOT7. After the release of “Just Right” in 2015, ahgases started the project, gaining worldwide recognition by GOT7 and even appearing in the Korean news.


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