[Exclusive] Interview with Korean Youtube Sensation Yohan Ju AKA Yohoney



Hello Sweeties! We had the chance to interview Yohan Ju, also known to all his social media followers as YOHONEY.  He was a normal person like the rest of us who loved to watch Youtube videos. One day after watching a couple of videos online, he decided to find something that no one had ever covered before. He started off making videos to teach his viewers Korean slang. He immediately gained attention and continued to educate on the slang of the Korean language. He is now is doing more than just teaching his fans Korean.

We were able to interview Yohan about what his life is like now since becoming big on the Youtube scene.

We asked him a few questions and he was sweet enough to give us the scoop on his latest activities and plans.

What made you want to start your own Youtube channel?

I thought about what topics were not covered yet . I really loved teaching Korean but no one had ever taught foreigners Korean slang. I thought why not teach it? It worked out for me since I loved teaching others already.

Do you have any goals as a Youtuber?

I don’t really have any goals right now. All I want to do is focus on being Successful as a Youtuber and if an opportunity comes my way, I will willingly take them with an open mind.

What advice can you give anyone trying to learn Korean?

My advice to them is to come to Korea and live here or get a Korea boyfriend or girlfriend . This I think is the best way to learn Korean.

Do you plan on attending any events in North America anytime soon?

I haven’t gotten any requests from North America but if there is chance I would love to come. America really looks fun.

Do you have an future plans for YOHONNY?

As I said before, I really don’t have any plans for the future. For now I am trying to show myself more to the media like other Youtuber’s. I am hoping to maybe be on TV or TV shows. I am just keeping an open mind and my options open. Maybe one day I can be a celebrity.

What is the most fun thing you have done so far?

Haha, I love drinking beer and hanging out with my friends and other crazy things. When I am singing on stage or doing crazy things I am the happiest person.

What’s the craziest thing a fan has asked you?

If  I had to pick one it probably would be if I had a girlfriend, but I guess it’s a pretty normal question.

What other topics would you like to cover?

I recently started doing vlogs and some interviews. I have so many ideas but I am alone, so I don’t much time to make videos. If I had someone else to help me, I think I could make some more videos than I do now. I really want to try to make more funny videos, singing videos,  dramas and more interview videos. I really want to show off my drama and acting skills.

Who inspired you to start making videos?

My role model and Superwoman, I really love her videos and vlogs. She was the one that made me start this journey.

Have you recently met any idols?

I haven’t met any idols yet but I met a couple of entertainers. I have met Lee Sung Gi and Shorry (Shorry J Mighty Mouth), who are very iconic entertainers. I was recently in one of their music videos and Shorry was in one of my videos too!

We want to thank Yohan Ju for taking the time to talk with us. You can check out his latest video below and follow him on social media to see what he is up to next!


Instagram: @Yohoneybae

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/YoHoneyWorld/

Youtube: YOHONEY



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