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GOT7 Drops Breathtaking Comeback Trailer and Album Track List

“i will never ever give up” were the words that caught the attention of many during the premiere of the trailer. The steadily rising group, GOT7, dropped a breathtaking trailer for their upcoming March comeback. The album Flight Log: Arrival will complete the Flight Log trilogy, following up on the scenes from the past music videos in “Hard Carry” and “Fly”.

The trailer follows Jinyoung through his contemplation and pondering thoughts after GOT7‘s Departure and Turbulence. Beautiful shots of the beach, including scenes with abundance of snow are shown throughout the video, taking the viewer on a journey with the member. Words were not even audibly spoken to display the message of helplessness felt from the lost member—in fact, a silent typed monologue created this feeling. The power in these moments exhibited a roller-coaster of emotions, taking hold of love, joy, regret, and anguish. The trailer proved that a picture is truly worth a thousand words.

Following the release of the trailer, the track list for the album was also revealed! Once again, the members actively participated in composing and writing the songs for the album. The title track will be “Never Ever”, composed by JYP, earattack, and more.


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