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Heize Is Getting Ready to Kick off Her 2017 Canada Tour

Ever since her appearance on “Unpretty Rapstar Season 2” (a popular rap survival show for female solo artists/rappers), fans have been giving Heize all the love and helping her rise to popularity!

Recently BCube Entertainment announced the popular rapper’s 1st Canada Tour, which will be taking place in April!

Heize is well known for her hit songs “And July” ft. DEAN & DJ Fritz and “Shut Up & Groove” also ft. DEAN. With that being said… will there possibly be a special guest?! We don’t know but let’s hope for one!

There has been no further information released on when tickets will go on sale or what venues the concerts will take place- BUT Heize will be performing in both Vancouver & Toronto!

Be sure to stick around and catch more updates from us on our social media pages! You know that we will definitely not be missing out on her concert!

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Facebook: SweetSweetkpop
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