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B1A4 Showers BANA with Love in Chicago

B1A4 brought their 4 Nights in the US concert to Chicago, giving BANA’S a night they will hold on to for a long time.  As the lights went down, and the fans screamed their lungs out for the boys and “Melancholy” started to play. The majority of the songs they performed for their fans were off of their latest album ‘Good Timing’. The boys displayed a lot of fan service for their fans, you could tell they were feeding off the crowds energy and vice versa. The boys were very playful on stage, creating laughter and screams from fans, as they carried on with their antics.
The next song B1A4 performed was “In The Air” as they directed their fans to put their hands up! The concert was already in full swing as the boys danced and sang songs that just made their fans smile and dance along with them.
They then slowed it down a bit, with their smooth dancing to “Oh My God”  song off the “Who Am I” album. B1A4’s music just gives you that feel good music vibe. The kind of playlist you put on during a nice summer day and just relax.
Baro led the way with the English conversation so they could communicate with their American Fans. They all took turns talking in English when they got the chance. They all introduced themselves in English. At one point Gongchan ran off stage very briefly and when he came back, he said he couldn’t hear the fans. Fans screamed in reply to him, but he wasn’t satisfied with it, so he asked for louder screams and just when you thought they couldn’t get louder they did. Baro asked for the first floor to scream, to see who is louder, and surprisingly second floor screamed louder, even though the lower level had more people.
When they boys sang “You”, you could see Fans were holding up fanmade banners for them. They noticed the banners and waved towards the fans. That wasn’t the only thing fans did for their beloved boys though. There was a Banana signed by several fans, which caught Sanduel’s attention, as the fan held it in the front row. Also Jinyoung got the fans signed book, which was sent around for Banas to sign, for the boys. Various fan projects were a success that night, which made the night that much better.
The boys performed all their title songs, making the crowd go crazy, as their favorite songs played back to back.  The medley of their hit songs, going all the way back to “OK”, “Beautiful Target” “Time is Over” “Baby Goodnight” “What’s Happening”.
Overall the concert was amazing, B1A4 gave fans a variety of music to enjoy for the night. Songs they asked them to sing along to, songs that made fans dance along, and songs that just made fans go crazy.  They didn’t know if they wanted to wave their hands from side to side like the boys did, fist pump the air, or just jump and dance around.
B1A4 interacted so well with fans! At one point, the boys were sitting down for a slow song and Baro told the fans to sit as well, which of course they did. BANA’s are so obedient, it created laughter not just in the crowd but for the boys as well.
As the concert drew to an end, the boys thanked the fans for coming out and promising to come back again. Baro even went as far to say that they didn’t get time to have Chicago Pizza this time, but it’s okay because they got to spend time with their precious BANA’s instead.
When fans didn’t leave after the boys left the stage, you could hear them chanting “B1A4”.  The boys came back out and took fan service to the next level, as they reached into the crowd and took selfies of themselves with fans cell phones. B1A4 showered fans with love as the performed Good Timing over and over, as they unloaded 2 cases of water on their fans.
None of this experience could have happened for Bana’s without B1A4 and Powerhouse coming together to put this concert together. Thank you for an amazing night that we will not forget!

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