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BTS and the Best of their Music Videos

With only a month left before the BTS Wings Tour in USA, why not pump up our A.R.M.Y feels a little by remembering why we love them so much!

So here is a list of some of BTSBest Music Videos (in our opinion)

1. Not Today: We cannot start this list with any other video, the latest addition to the already EPIC line of songs the group has made. Amazing choreography mixed with great scenery, aesthetics and a powerful sound, makes everyone who watches it feel strong and dominating. 

2. Run: Although a little slower and softer beat dominates this song, the acting from the boys makes it an emotive thriller that will surely touch your heart and move you to tears. (personal experience)

3. Wings Short Films: Filled with dark and creepy references to the Book Demian, this compilation of short films will not only amaze you, but also drown you on a world of fantasy and feels. View them all in order on BigHit’s channel.
4. Blood, Sweat & Tears: A big mixture of elements, symbolism, good music, sexy dance steps, aesthetics, art references, and a Fallen angel Kim Taehyung will surround your head and take you deeper into the Wings world.

5. Save me: Sometimes less is more, and Save me is definitely living proof of that statement. In this MV we can see the boys dancing a cool choreography on a completely empty field, wearing the most simplest of clothes they found in their closet. Yet they emit a sweet and tragic essence that can get to anyone’s heart.

Although this is merely an opinion, we know  BTS has tons of amazing songs and music videos, and you can watch them all on BigHit’s Official channel on YouTube. The link will be down below.

And for those who got tickets for BTS Wings Tour in USA we wish you an enjoyable concert, wherever you are attending.

BigHit Official YouTube Channel


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