Comebacks, Fan Meeting, K-Pop

GOT7 Hints For Upcoming Comeback

To celebrate their 3 years since debut, GOT7 held their 3rd anniversary fanmeeting with IGOT7’s on February 5th, 2017. Themed We Under the Moonlight, the fanmeeting showcased never-before-seen choreography for tracks on their most recent album, Flight Log: Turbulence, including a switched-parts version for songs such as “Let Me”. As the night ensued, the members expressed their gratitude for being together with the fans for these 3 years with touching speeches and a surprise video. This surprise video was revealed to be their pre-trailer for their next comeback, Flight Log: Arrival!

GOT7 is expected to comeback in March to conclude their trilogy of Flight Log. The members guaranteed that this album will be their most R&B album yet, featuring more compositions from each of them. Are you looking forward to their new music?


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