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Get Pumped for B1A4’s U.S. Tour

As many of us know, B1A4 is coming to the U.S. to meet their North American fans. Whether you are just getting into this group, or you simply want to get in the mood for the big day, these are a few songs you can add to your playlist for the next two weeks and beyond.

1. Beautiful Target – This song has a fun beat that you just can’t help but dance along to.

2. Lonely – If you are more into the sad, long-lost-love kind of ballads, this is the track for you.  

3. Tried To Walk – Although it is a sad track, the beat can make you enjoy a good dance.

4. O.K – With a rock style, this song will have you waiting for a confession, or expecting to confess yourself.

5. What’s Happening – With a perfect mixture of musical styles, this song explains the feelings that take over somebody’s heart whose significant other is cheating on them.

Although these are just 5 of B1A4’s amazing songs, there will definitely be more that you can jam to during their concerts! Enjoy yourselves BANA, and make lots of good memories.

If you haven’t gotten your tickets yet, there’s still some available!



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