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GOT7’s Turbulence In Houston Fanmeet: Our Favorite Moments

In case you missed out on GOT7’s stop in Houston for their Flight Log: Turbulence in USA 2017 Fanmeet Tour, here’s a recap of our notably favorite moments from the show. These moments will have you feeling like you were there!

During Q&A, GOT7 took a moment to share their ideal type to the fans.


It also seemed to be “Jackson’s day” for the Houston stop so lots of Jackson moments showed up during Q&A.

When asked what member they’d switch bodies with, Jinyoung picked Jackson because of his thighs. Jackson then proceeded to show them off to him with a special dance. 


After Jackson was asked which member he’d save between Mark and Jinyoung, he smoothly gets out of answering!

Jackson enthusiastically joked with the fans by making up questions before asking the real question to Mark. Needless to say, this had everyone screaming.

Bambam was asked to rap “Twinkle Little Star”, firing up the crowd with a cool dance along with Yugyeom.

If you haven’t seen the choreography of “Boom X3” yet, here’s your chance to see how laid back but zesty it is!


During the performance of “Fly”, Yugyeom’s shirt buttons popped open, however, he acted professionally to continue performing while fixing it in the background.

Relatable to any international fan out there, Jackson recognized the passion in this “long distance relationship” fans have with GOT7.


Jinyoung touched the hearts of fans with his polished English speech that he practiced countlessly in front of American-born member, Mark Tuan.


However, by the end of the night, I couldn’t stop thinking about this moment that soon became my most favorable one. Let’s just say I saved the best for last on this list!

When the hyung line (minus Jackson) had to do random play dance, but things escalated very quickly! 

And here’s another view of this random play dance.

That’s it for the list of our favorite moments! Which one was your favorite?


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