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GOT7’s Dating Ban Has Been Lifted

Today has finally arrive for GOT7! On this day, January 16th, will be GOT7’s 3 year anniversary since their debut in 2014. Since the beginning of their debut, GOT7 made a promise to themselves that they wouldn’t date until at least 3 years after their debut. Although the 3-year dating ban is not an official rule within JYPE, it’s advised to not get involved in dating until a couple years have passed in order for the group to focus on their music. And throughout these 3 years, every member has maintained their single status!

When asked about dating, Jackson firmly declared, “I have no plans to date now. Because I can’t even take care of myself, how do I take care of someone else?” He emphasized the focus on his stability by reaffirming “when I am able to do that, I’ll date on my own.”

With the date already arrived, fans are relieved that the members will no longer be restricted and will be allowed a chance at finding happiness for themselves. With this in mind, many are rooting for them as they celebrate their 3 years together with a newfound freedom. Let’s hope they are able to find more happiness in the years to come!


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